DFL Magazine - Portrait of Alexander Wehrle, CEO of 1. FC Köln



Financial Times - portraits of shopkeepers in Anstruther and London for a story about their important social role.



Süddeutsche Zeitung - Portrait of Hotelier Gunnar Redmer and one of his immigrant employees, Alexander Vorobyov who is facing deportation



Visit at a traditional pottery studio for Toepoi: Modern Homeware



DIE ZEIT - Portrait of Mohammad Imran Sagir, who runs a pastoral hotline for Muslims in Germany



Königliche Porzellanmanufaktur Berlin - Portrait of collector Karin Wudtke



DFL Magzine - Portrait of Frank Baumann, sporting director of Werder Bremen



MONO - Award winning cutleries Made in Germany that have won several design awards and are also part of permanent collections of museums of modern and applied art



Portraits of musician Claudio Donzelli (Mighty Oaks) for his first solo project.



Manual Magazine - Photo Essay about Helgoland



1000 Minutes - documentation of the Bötzow Brewery in Berlin for Otto Bock Holding before its renovation. These rooms where completely dark and tiny imperfections in the wall letting fractions of light in where the only source of light. A total of 1000 minutes expousure time were needed for these 7 photographs.



Ford & VICE: Science of Sound - Berlin DJ Duo Mat.Joe on the road with the new Ford Fiesta



MYKITA - My Very Own Campaign